I define myself as a creative chef. My formal instruction was the starting point that I perfected through experience and contact with different cultures, traditions and places of the world. My training continues every day, learning from ancestral, urban or country cooking. A small dining room, an old cook or your grandmother, can teach you the magic of cooking that is not included in gastronomy books or large schools.

Martín Alegre

Chef Internacional

Martín Alegre Robaldo achieves, in addition to delicacies, a remarkable aesthetic in each of his dishes. The Salteño has been a chef since 2012. Before he started in hospitality as an assistant, he was a young man, an assistant to a barman and a barman, but he was always in touch with the gastronomic world.

At 18 he traveled to Switzerland to visit some friends and on that trip he began his change. He was able to meet different cultures, he met Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Israel. On his return he began his Philosophy career but he did not feel comfortable, so that year with a friend they decided to travel again and the new destination was Barcelona where he settled for 6 years. During this time he also worked in Italy (Torino) for more than a year. Before returning to Argentina, he wanted to continue knowing cultures and visited the Czech Republic, Hungary, Holland, Germany, England, France and Austria, where it was inevitable to decide on his new passion: the kitchen returned to Argentina and began his studies in Gastronomy and traveled through Latin america (Bolivia, Chile and Peru) before finishing their studies. He completed his internship in Miami and then also visited Playa del Carmen (Mexico) where he lived for almost a year, specializing in local food.

When he returned, he opened his first gastronomic venture with delivery service and later, opened Café Miter Resto, together with Cecilia, mother of his daughter Lupe. This proposal became a space for all types of public, located in Miter 368, in the heart of the city of Salta, province of the same name, in Argentina. During that period he was able to meet different cuisines, also traveling to India, Thailand and Nepal, training in the typical cuisine of each region, and then also met Indonesia, Maldives and Singapore. Today resides in Switzerland

Martín tries to give another form to the food, that is to say decorate it, or in its terms, place it. With very few products he manages to do something aesthetically different. He maintains that with three elements you can give different textures to the food and surprise. He puts all his inspiration in creative and healthy cooking but with an almost obsessive detail in the search to innovate. While plating, keep in mind to keep the same flavors, this way, when the dish arrives at the table, it will be a surprise in its decoration but will maintain the classic taste of family meals.

Every day, Martín clearly establishes a link between cooking and his emotions. It reflects his feelings in everything he prepares, and those who prove his creations are infected with the same feeling he puts on each plate.

Although it is a reflection with abstract dyes, the truth is that through food a large number of emotions are transmitted that do not cease to have other reflections in real life. Emotional messages are emitted and received through food as well, bearing in mind that cooking is an act of rebellion, with messages that often speak of care, protection, dedication, interest in the other. Subtle communications in which words are left over. A meal prepared with care and served delicately is a gesture of elegance, but also an act of love. Martín Alegre synthesizes this idea, saying that “taste, as well as smell, leave a deep mark on memory. The taste of the sweet that gave flavor to our childhood in our house is remembered. You also remember those moments where a meal makes a difference and makes you feel special”.

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